Joseph Arineithwe-Crops And A Harvest For Mothers

Joseph Arineithwe has been associated with the Rock Outreach since he met the Noblins in western Uganda. Joseph was one of the leaders in a mercy home the Rock started in Kabale while he was in secondary school. After completing A level he applied for a Rock scholarship and was part of the scholarship program at Uganda Christian University. After graduation he obtained a job with Techno Brain a contractor of Google and works now for another contractor.

While at UCU Joseph founded TEMO (Teenage Mother Outreach) a Christian pro-life ministry helping teenage mothers and providing a holistic approach to helping them. Bible studies, practical life skills training and small business loans are helping the girls provide for their babies. Joseph plays keyboard at church and works at his job during the week and does ministry in the slums on Saturday with his ministry team. Joseph along with a pastor, some family members and others built a new home for his mom. One man can lead his family spiritually and also change the direction of a family.