Joseph Arineithwe-Crops And A Harvest For Mothers

Joseph Arineithwe has been associated with the Rock Outreach since he met the Noblins in western Uganda. Joseph was one of the leaders in a mercy home the Rock started in Kabale while he was in secondary school. After completing A level he applied for a Rock scholarship and was part of the scholarship program at Uganda Christian University. After graduation he obtained a job with Techno Brain a contractor of Google and works now for another contractor.

While at UCU Joseph founded TEMO (Teenage Mother Outreach) a Christian pro-life ministry helping teenage mothers and providing a holistic approach to helping them. Bible studies, practical life skills training and small business loans are helping the girls provide for their babies. Joseph plays keyboard at church and works at his job during the week and does ministry in the slums on Saturday with his ministry team. Joseph along with a pastor, some family members and others built a new home for his mom. One man can lead his family spiritually and also change the direction of a family.

Racheal Nambuba-Relationships Are Very Sentimental In Life

Racheal shares about the confidence that comes from understanding yourself from God's perspective.and the impact it has on finding a job.  Embracing what comes naturally as how God created you provides a fresh view of many opportunities.

Relationships are important to her also and how to nurture them. She says, "relationships are very sentimental in life" and her desire is to have a better understanding of them so they last a lifetime.

Amanda Rachael-Realizing Her God-Given Skills As God's Child

Amanda Rachael at the age of 7 was given the opportunity to audition for the African Children's Choir. She remembers vividly after singing, the loud applause that she received and it gave her great joy to bless others and feel useful. As a member of the choir, performance was her thing. She was always available for speeches and solos (not in a selfish way but because she enjoyed being up on stage). Majoring in Governance and International Relations Rachel has the opportunity to use many transferrable skills from her childhood today and in the future.

After looking at her life and understanding the things she enjoys doing, the things she is good at doing and the evidence of what other people observe and tell her, she knows herself from God's perspective.

Daniel Graceford Ocen-Victory and Purpose for My Life

Daniel is an overcomer. At one time he was struggling, questioning, doubting and had no joy. But with God all things are possible when we learn to see ourselves as God sees us.  Freedom to be who we are created to be comes with great joy and peace. Also when we see the evidence of God in our lives we can believe that God is a personal God with a plan and purpose for each one of us.

Life is hard and we will all go through tough times no matter where we live or what stage of life we are in but there are choices to be depressed or have joy. Daniel learned the practical things about living a victorious life with purpose. With Jesus we have the great restoration expert.

John Mugowa-Multiplying Disciples and Nurturing Families

John Mugowa has known the Noblins since they came to Uganda as missionaries. In 2009 he was awarded a scholarship to Uganda Christian University by The Rock Outreach, then his last year was Scholarship Coordinator for The Rock. From the time he lived in an orphanage started by Africa Renewal Ministries he has had a passion for teaching the Bible to children and nurturing families. Throughout secondary school John created and sold note cards to help him with his expenses. 

His creativity, initiative and leadership is evident in the ministry he founded Develop A Child Africa, his own IT company MAGS Computer Consulting and Video Production, and his career as IT Administrator for Africa Renewal Ministries. Being a role model in the culture gives hope and also illustrates to young children the plan and future God has for us. John's ministry provides sewing and music lessons, and basic computer training. In his grandmother's village he has started a piggery and is encouraging other agricultural businesses to support the widows and orphans.  

Michael Clement, From Heartbreak to Joy

Michael graduated with honors recently in Social Work and Social Administration and was a member of Honors College. As he says many people have pain and deep hurts. However our perspectives can change. Encouraging each other as disciples, listening, praying together and having honest discussions on practical issues lifts us up. The Bible is a practical life guide, bringing freedom and when we understand how it applies to us personally we have joy.